To grow hanging plants indoors you need to have a few things. And number one is you have to have at least a little bit of light. You can not have them in dark, dark spaces due to the fact that they simply won’t grow at all. The next thing that you need is water. Because they do hang, it’s tough for them to keep adequate water inside. So my trick with my hanging plants is I throw them in the shower and they appear to like to shower. Which way the leaves get cleaned off and they can have their pores exposed and they won’t be obstructed. And they can get a great deal of fresh water and they soak and they can likewise truly soak the water so that it drains pipes out a great deal of the salts and the various types of impurities that may harm it at the end. So hanging plants are so easy. I discovered the only manner in which you can eliminate them is by not watering them at all, or watering them excessively. Or not giving them enough light.

They do really well in this east facing window because they get great deals of the sun in the morning and then not a lot of sun in the afternoon. And this plant I probably have not watered as well as I ought to have and it has actually made it through. Such a neat plant. So periodically I’ll have a few of the leaves will die and turn yellow so I simply cut those leaves out then they’ll simply keep growing new ones.

So indoor hanging plants are truly easy to grow. You simply got to make certain that you have enough light for them, and you water them enough. And never let them being in water due to the fact that if they bring in water, the roots will rot then you will lose them. They are so simple to grow and look after and they are such a joy to have in your house.