So you’re wanting to assess an antique piece of furniture, and you’re not quite sure if it’s a reproduction or a genuine one. Wondering if it’s an antique piece of furniture and exactly what it deserves and exactly what sort of age it is a tough question. The very first that I do when I go into a house and choose if it’s an antique furniture piece, is I open up the drawer. This obviously is not an antique furniture piece, this is from the fifties and sixties, however I constantly open it up and see the dovetails. The dovetails will inform you a lot if they’re all good and consistent like the way this is right here. That’s a machine made piece, that’s not an old piece because they cut it out a machine the same method that side, and the very same method on this side. It’s likewise put together with a lot of glue.

So you want to make sure if you take a look at it and it’s un-uniformed or it’s just got 3 dovetails, that’s what they call a hand-cut dovetail most likely performed in the eighteen-hundreds. And you also want to see the nails, if it’s got square nail heads on it, that’s indicative of the eighteen-hundreds an early piece. I also reach underneath the piece and I feel it to feel it to see if it’s exactly what they call hand chamfered, it’ll resemble on an angle where they had to chamfer it into the drawer. This one is not obviously since it’s from the fifties and sixties. You likewise wish to figure out the type of wood that it is, if it’s oak, if it’s mahogany, walnut, those are all pieces that they used throughout the antique period, ’cause there was lots of it. One thing that individuals ignore when they’re taking a look at antique furniture, if you look at the top, the larger the piece of board on that antique furniture, the older the piece, because that implies the tree was older, so when they cut it and entwined it, it’s a broader piece of wood, so that right there looks – tells me this is an old furniture piece, with an old piece of wood put on top of it.

And sometimes they’ve used different woods on antique furniture. So make sure the very first thing is look at the drawer, they’ll tell you immediately about what year it was done and you understand, obviously if it has metal sliders on it, it’s a reproduction piece, but it’s not that tough aiming to tell an antique piece of furniture if you know the right locations to look.