So the first tool I’m showing you is my gymnastics mat. This is a five-panel mat. And it’s kind of like the harder surface area mat, so it’s better for tumbling and doing more difficult abilities. My next piece of equipment is my octagon. And I utilize this for doing things like dive rolls over it or front hand springs over it. Or you can do back hand springs utilizing it like this. And it’s just an enjoyable tool to have.

However really I bought this for the gym. So until then it’s for me. So this next tool is my air floor. And a great deal of people were commenting in my videos, like, exactly what is that air mattress that you’re utilizing to do gymnastics techniques? And it is about the size of a blow-up mattress– a bit much shorter. However it’s– I don’t know what’s within it. But something makes it truly bouncy. So it’s best for toppling. And it’s really particularly developed for gymnastics. It’s called an air floor. And I prefer to utilize it for doing techniques like front tucks off completion, due to the fact that they’re actually tough to do in the turf. And it’s just a terrific method to do toppling in the house that I would not have the ability to do otherwise. So the next piece of equipment is my sweet spot. And this thing is terrific.

It’s basically a smaller variation of the air floor. So you can use it for basically a launch pad. You’re going to run and get on it. And it’s going to spring you up a lot higher than a mat or the grass would. My next tool is my little slope mat. And this is terrific for doing things like fundamental skills or drills for back hand springs, like I did in my back hand spring tutorial, and making my parents do forward rolls. That’s always enjoyable. This is ideal for that. So my next tool is this blue block. And it’s literally simply a block of foam. But it’s excellent for doing things like backbend kickovers or conditioning– anything that you have to use [INAUDIBLE] circles. So the next piece of equipment is my crash mat. And again, this is a tool that’s expected to be in my health club. However given that we do not have a building yet, it’s hanging out here in my upstairs loft location. And this is really where I have sleepovers.

It huges enough for all my pals to fit. And it’s in fact truly comfy. So we sleep here when I have sleepovers. And I also practice things like back hand springs or other skills on it. So yeah. So these are really my sibling’s P-bars. He got them when he was competing as level four to practice some conditioning and hand stands and stuff in your home. However I in fact use them for conditioning and hand stands, like he was supposed to. I use them more than he does. However yeah. And you can likewise utilize them for things like single bar parallels.

So I’m sitting on my huge cheese mat. This is the greatest cheese mat we have. And behind me is my garage. And my garage is actually filled to the brim with mostly gymnastics equipment. Clearly I have, like, my brother’s bike. Those boxes are full of springs for a spring flooring. Then we have a signed pommel horse by an Olympic gymnast, which is quite cool. And then behind the foam we actually have a bunch of mats.