We’re going to see what’s inside a $4 light saber, which is this one and a $400 light saber. – $400! Does this appearance cool? It feels really good in my hands. Let’s turn on some lights. In honor of the very important day. – Might the 4th. – May the Fourth. Since of course, may the force be with you. It’s funny how people come up with these days. – Yeah. – Like there’s always a day for something. This one kind of does make sense, due to the fact that like, might the force be with you, May the Fourth be with you. We went to our local retailer shop and got this and it’s pretty cool.

It only costs $4, it does have, when you press the button, some sort of light within it. It also has some sort of sound card that makes noise. We got this one online, from a person that builds these, really, in his garage, seriously. – It’s cool. – It is actually cool. It runs out this metal that feel really strong and durable in your hand. – This does not feel that excellent in your hand.

– Whereas this one resembles, you’re holding a sword. You’re ready to cut someone’s arm off. In the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, they went to a really cool island at the end of it and it was Rey visiting, who was the man out there? – Luke. – It’s not Luke Skywalker, is that Luke? Luke’s so old, that’s right. I’m not that good at Star Wars stuff. At the end of it, you have that scene where Rey walks up to Luke Skywalker. It ends up, that’s a real location, it’s not CGI.

That is an island called Skellig Island, which is in Ireland. – Skellig! – For all our fans that remain in the UK or Ireland or Northern Ireland, we have an event turning up, we’re going to the Power of Video in Belfast, Northern Ireland. – I’m fired up, I’m going. – At the end of May. It looks like we are going to take a helicopter and go to Skellig Island and that gives us an opportunity to mention our sponsors of this video. – Yes. – Because all these images that you’re seeing right now, are from Graphicstock. Graphicstock has the biggest endless download library of graphics, pictures, vectors and illustrations. So with a Graphicstock membership, you can get unrestricted downloads of as much as 350,000 graphics, photos and vectors.

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And now, we’re going to go have a battle then we’re going to cut this thing open. Let’s go! Aren’t you getting up and fight me? – No. It’s recording. (significant electronic music) – I am your daddy. – The $4 lightsaber, loses the fight and Darth Vader wins the day. The last hit, Lincoln struck it so far, it came out of my hands and it bent the plastic. So $4 lightsaber, will lose the battle versus a $400 lightsaber. – Exactly what a surprise, exactly what a surprise. This one it still entirely works but there’s some marks and scratches on it. – We’re going to take this hatchet, oh, this doesn’t feel ideal and we’re going to cut through this actually expensive lightsaber and see what’s inside of it and we’re also going to do the very same thing to the red one. Wow, that is strong. Okay, little update, see this little tiny screw type thing, I took that out right there and now see exactly what takes place, you can simply pull, and it comes out. You see that? – It resembles a flashlight. – Oh, that’s brilliant. You see that, see how intense that is? Can you see inside of it, Lincoln? – Yeah, oh, stop! – Here’s exactly what it looks like, inside of that, there’s just a little tiny light in there.

This one is cool, I want to take this with us to Northern Ireland and after that when we go to that island where they filmed completion of the Star Wars and we go there, we can much like hand it off similar to in the motion picture. This one I believe the hatchet in fact will do some damage on since it’s simply some cheap plastic. – Oh, wow. – Another just flash light, that shines up in it. But this plastic is not that great of a plastic. Extremely similar the manner in which these two work, they both simply have a light that’s within it. This light is much brighter than this red one and also, the huge difference is this plastic. This thing is super thick and strong. I’m going to hit this actually difficult and see if it breaks through, fine? Probably missed it since I closed my eyes. Have a look within that, it has the tough outer layer of plastic then on the within, it just has numerous layers of the truly thin plastic, nearly like a little sandwich baggy.

That’s exactly what it appears like within it. The red one, is simply one little tube piece of plastic, this one has all those layers to assist the light be uniformly dispersed throughout, while this one you can see the light for initially little part and after that it simply passes away off. We had a great deal of fun with the lightsabers today, may the force be with you. – Or Might the 4th. – That wasn’t prepared. Force be with you.