Summer season is officially over, it’s time for you to get your sunburned, puffed up, fat ass back in the health club. That’s you I’m speaking to, yes you. But anyways so, the subject for today’s video is The best ways to look Gym Sexy. Okay, so you know what, they’re called tailored joggers, they’re called slim track suit bottoms. They are simply tracking match bottoms which as you can see are skinnier at the ankle, maybe even a little bit of detail or some zips going on the knees. ‘Cause they’re really a fashion garment more than a training garment. However, that all being said, they can still be utilized in the fitness center, since at the end of the day, they are still training pants, track fit bottoms.

You don’t desire them active skinny on the ankle, and you certainly don’t desire them skinny around the crotch. Because no one wants to see your crotch gain because of much information, alright, keep that to yourself. So point number two is your vest. Or if you’re in America I think you call it a tank top. Here in the UK we call it a vested right, so it’s basically a sleeveless t-shirt. Like what I’m using today. Exactly what you don’t desire, are these huge Gold’s health club design huge open vest, where you can see half your ribs going right down to your waist.

It’s too much information and it’s not stylish. You simply look like fitness center douche bag that does steroids and resembles yeah, take a look at me, I wish to reveal my entire body. You may too enter there with your top off. Because that vest is excessive info. However, you do not desire some shit which is very tight. It’s not about that right. It’s gonna make you look like you’re truly trying to flaunt your gains. And unless you’re an absolute God, it’s going to make you look unappealing, especially in those persistent side bits at the back. Your love manages if it’s too tight, it’s truly going to show them off. If you’ve been striking the health club, you believe you’re looking like a little a legend, then you show the gains, by your arm gains. You don’t want it incredibly tight, it’s not comfy and it’s not cool. So use baggy oversized vests. It’s a style garment. Similar to the tracksuit bottoms much like the joggers were. But this is the best ways to look attractive at the fitness center.

It’s not the best ways to look gymed out, and like you belong to the gym culture. This is how to look hot shit. I might wear these clothing if I was out socializing. I might use them in the streets and approach a lady. I ‘d be cool with that. Okay, point number 3. If you do not like wearing tank tops, you do not like using vests then you’re going to wanna wear a great cool t-shirt. Once again, exactly what I do not like are this very skin-tight lycra. Like Under Armour design fitness center gear. It’s like yeah, I remain in the gym, I’m wearing my gym equipment. Exactly what the guy, does not look cool, it appears like you’re some sort of incredible hero, X-man wannabe.

So we’re going to eliminate among those now. They’re far too tight, they’re not particularly comfortable, I’m not an expert cyclist, why do I need to wear that foolish lame lycra shit? Get yourself a great cool oversized t-shirt. Sorry, large vest, or as I stated at the start of this point, the proper fitted T. I like long line T-shirts. And once again you can check out our last video on extra-large T’s. It’s good to obtain something a bit tighter with higher sleeves here, and a bit tight around the chest, then baggier boiling down to your waist and your stomach.

No more apparent gym branding. No more tight lycra. Few examples flashing up now. Not about that. You look too eager, and too into the health club wave. You want to look more casual and have more unwinded streetwear look. Streetwear by meaning is quite sporty. A great deal of tracksuit bottoms, vests, that type of things. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So stay away from the branding and keep away from lycra, certainly. And I can not overemphasize that point enough. No more leotards. Guy, exactly what are you doing? It’s nice to see a female in a good shapely leotard, that was woman shaped, yeah? I don’t wish to see some dude’s ass on my face. In the gym, in a leotard.

I see guys walking around thinking, oh my god, my bottom looks so terrific in this. What’s incorrect with you, be a man. Exactly what the hell would Sean Connery believe? He would not do that. That’s a man, an old-school male. Don’t use a leotard brother, be a guy. No leotards. If this is you, yeah, if that’s you, stop it. No one wants to see that shit. And I do not care if you have actually been doing loads of squats. I do not care if your booty’s looking good. I do not want to see that. If you’ve got to wear a leotard, use shorts over it. However, why have you got to wear a leotard? Okay in the past it’s been all about saggy basketball shorts, they were cooler, men do not want to wear short shorts. Not any longer. If you’re wearing these long ass basketball shorts that you see now, it makes your legs look really small and stumpy. Unless you’re some truly big tall 6 foot four giant, you’re going to lose that height. The shorts are too long, it draws attention to your ankles and your shoes, and your ankles are most likely not that excellent either.

You can’t see the quads which are most likely a lot better than your calves, so the shorts one, aesthetically display the worst part of your leg, and 2 they make you look shorter. And 3, they’re not even cool anymore. So say goodbye to long baggy basketball shorts. And it goes without stating, no board shorts. Keep them on the beach, we don’t wish to see them either in the gym. So if you’re going to wear shorts, I recommend you wear a track match bottom material, jogger material shorts, coming to a short, brief level.

Not very skinny shorts like these ones here, but coming comfortably above the knee. That way you’re going to have the ability to flaunt a little bit of those quad gains also. You’re gonna show some size on those legs, you’ll be working out, why not. As well as it’s going to make your legs look great and long. Shorts. Okay, point number 5 is your shoes. Okay so you’re a serious health club lifter and you wish to wear your Under Armor fitness center specialist squatting (mumbles). Whatever man, I do not think it makes any distinction what shoes you wear unless you are a major health club professional athlete.

If you’re a typical person, you can quickly wear a set of Nike fitness instructors, sneakers, whatever you wish to call them to the health club. They’re going to look cool. They’re gonna look better than some lame clumpy, gym professional shoes. They’re not specifically gym shoes, they’re actually running shoes, they’re going to be fine to use in the health club. So Nike Russia flashing up here, incredibly typical, you can also wear these with a pair of denim to head out socially also, they’re great and versatile.

And the exact same can be said for the second set, a nice pair of Huarache flashing up now. Something along these lines people. They’re often cool pair, some Addidas some Reebok too. But today we’re gonna give you a number of Nikes, ’cause they are the most typical. Okay, our next point is a nice hat. You don’t want to be wearing a sweatband, you understand. If you do that, you’re gonna appear like the guy out of Dodgeball, not fantastic. Obtain an old school hat. This little Nike one I’m wearing, for example, got the tag hanging out. You can whack it on front or back methods. What does not really operate in the fitness center, is a huge old fitted brand-new age hat, one they’re not even doing it huge any longer, and two they’re just really awkward and clumpy and get in the way when you’re exercising. Keep falling off, keep getting knocked off your head. So a traditional hat like I’m wearing now, I want to spin mine in reverse, keeps my hair out of my face. Cool, also opts for your appearance, matches with my fitness center, with my health club vest here, in the black.