I like blending in antiques and unique products with my design. Every year we see the increase of numerous distinct patterns– even with antique and vintage finds. So today I wished to share a couple of stunning patterns with you– in case you’re trying to figure out ways to blend in a fantastic antique your decoration! Bar Carts. These have actually made a huge returned on the style scene and we can hardly keep these in our shop! I love these since of how beneficial they are! Whether you reside in a small studio house or a sprawling Texas sized estate they are perfect for entertaining and to add a bit of classic décor to your room. Vintage bar carts are so charming and actually say, hey come sit down, let’s chat … Sofas/Settees I am caring this next pattern! As much as I enjoy regular upholstered sofas, I enjoy keeping an eye out for classic couches and settees. And now, these are a big style pattern. These are perfect for a foyer, at the end of a bed, in a master bedroom sitting area and extra spaces in your house like a sun parlor or formal living-room.

I wager you can concur the size, scale and detail on these pieces are so beautiful and can truly create the foundation for a wonderfully designed space. Door Panels Another big design trend is using antique and classic door panels to produce a layered look in our interiors. You have actually most likely seen how stunning it can be to layer antique shutters against the wall. Well take that very same principle and now the pattern is to utilize antique doors. I love this trend since it’s an excellent method to add a great deal of interest on our big empty walls. Also all these antique doors were made so no two designs were precisely the very same. The rarity and individuality of each door makes the style even more unique! Screens Remember these? They were such a big style pattern numerous, many years back and now this pattern has actually resurfaced.

I understand this is harder trend to utilize since at some point it’s tough to understand where to put a screen. I like utilizing them behind sofas, as a space partition or near corners I want to conceal. What do you consider screens? Love them or leave them? Antique Beds Last, a big pattern we are seeing is the use of antique beds. We’ve seen the rise of antiques in dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and foyers and naturally many of us wish to include that very same elegance in our bed rooms. They are extremely hard to find however if you can discover an antique bed, this a piece that will make your style come to life! Consider just how much space a bed uses up in a room– can you see how a beautiful antique or vintage could absolutely produce a sensational style direction? So what do you consider these trends? I’m not really a trendy individual or designer at all. In truth my husband when it pertains to my design style, I’m really a 98 year lady on the within– but I have to confess I personally LOVE all these style patterns! Leave a comment and let us know which trend you enjoy the most! To see more of these trendy products be sure to come by Village Antiques and try to find a few of these one-of-a-kind products to express your design.