The Wave All right, here’s some of the product I’m utilizing to attempt and make this recycled wall art. I have some pallet wood, some old barn wood, some glass scraps, this thin piece of plywood, and then I have some old Christmas lights. I’m going to go on and begin by putting the pallet wood onto the plywood. * spray paint * So there you go recycled pallet wood wall art. Total I think it ended up quite cool. It was just generally a fun job since I have actually been having this concept about wishing to be all artsy and uh … make type of uh … like a framed art piece using pallet wood and some up random scrap material so this is exactly what i wound up with i’m actually pleased with it ya understand considering I’m not artsy at all.

I draw terribly at drawing and you’ve probably observed all I ever draw are waves since that’s all i can draw so broken out a wave over there I did kinda like a little floral scene over here with the glass you know the palm tree in some flowers and things like that in the background it’s kind of like uh … this a little painted graphic you know what sun beams come out represent a sunset with the nighttime coming over the top. So finished it up there with a barn wood frame and oh yea the very best part oh yea twinkling stars quite cool, huh So yeah, that kinda finished it up with the stars That’s simply old Christmas lights with holes drilled and I poked the lights through and I just kinda believe it gives it a cool impacts so that’s it for today till next time Stay bummy beach bummy LOL!, that was dumb.