And this is our 3rd annual top five Christmas gift idea post for car men and cars and truck girls! Now I deal with cars and trucks all year around practically every day of the year, so I get to test out a great deal of items Hopefully this video helps you consider presents for yourself or for somebody else, and if you do like any of these presents here I’ll be sure to connect them all in the description below, so you might quickly discover them. Alright let’s begin opening up some presents! And genuine fast I want to thank all you people this has actually been an unbelievable year all my fans have made this channel the top automobile Do It Yourself channel worldwide! And to thank you men I got brand new boodle check out this shirt.

We likewise have brand name brand-new skullcaps these keep you good and warm I enjoy these I’m using one right now. We have our typical flex fit hats soapy water decals that look incredible on your containers. We got license plates, plate frames, decal and keychains, and I got one last fast surprise It is a poster of the DriftStang tearing it up on the track this looks so remarkable! This is all linked in the description so inspect it out now enough talk. Let’s open our very first present concept! I cannot wait to reveal you what we got! Oh Male you guys are gon na like this so exactly what this does.

Is it assists get rid of those really stuck nuts and bolts. Let me go reveal you how it works! Anybody who has ever dealt with vehicles has encountered a stuck nut or bolt. So in order to get this nut off, I would heat it up with a torch the issue is having an open flame might be harmful. particularly near the gas tank or near Things that you do not want to fume like this coilover or maybe even wires or plastic parts so the Bolt Buster uses no Flames at all and in 10 seconds this nut is nearly a thousand degrees now when we get a socket on this it comes off Effortlessly!!! And simply to show you how hot it actually is, I’ll hit it with some water and look at what does it cost? this steams up! So how this worked is it uses electro-magnetic induction heating it includes all these various coils, Consisting of a coil that you might cover yourself and as soon as you choose the correct sized coil, You just push it right into the Device and tighten it down and another really handy use for this is to Uncies a jam nut on a tie rod for this one You in fact have to make your own and wrap it around the nut.

And these Jen that’s been notorious for being truly difficult to obtain off. However with just pressing the button for 10 seconds … look at how easy this comes off! So not just is this something various and special this tool is really incredibly practical. It’s gon na help you in the worst time possible. When a nut or bolt isn’t gon na come off and that is exactly why this tool makes the list! Now in between each huge present concept like this. We’re going to be doing something called a stocking stuffer. Which is a smaller less costly gift concept, so let’s see what we get. All right, We got some jumper cable televisions! Now This is an excellent present idea for somebody because as you understand everyone who’s driven a cars and truck is gon na get stuck with a dead battery At least as soon as and this gift is going to save them now these aren’t your everyday jumper cable televisions. However they are almost the same price as your routine jumper cable televisions.

Exactly what makes these different is this has a voltmeter and built-in protector so when you link your cable televisions, It’ll let you understand the voltage. However let’s just state somebody slips up and links these the incorrect way instead of triggering a brief or triggering the fuse to blow This thing beeps and lets you know hey you linked these the incorrect method make certain you switch them So you do not damage your cars and truck these jumper cables are six gauge and twelve feet long And I actually like these as an equipping stuffer because you cannot mess this up This really avoids anyone from making any errors and whoever you give this to is actually going to Thank you when they might get their vehicle started, which is why this makes my equipping stuffer list Christmas gift concept number two let’s see exactly what we get.

It’s a small one. And … Check it out a Tire Pressure Tracking system! Now This is a cool gift idea because having the proper tire pressure is crucial to security while driving on the road. and not just That, this is a cool gizmo, Let me reveal you exactly what I mean, very first remove the receiver and plug it into a USB Port in the automobile next there are four labeled sensors so you understand which one goes to which wheel so let’s grab the front-left sensing unit loosen the valve cap and screw on your Sensor and if you’re afraid of somebody taking your sensing unit they do make sensor locks which go on here And you cannot remove it unless if you have a tool also these sensors have removable Batteries their little watch batteries so after about a year you might change them when all 4 sensors are installed It’ll send out a signal to this cordless receiver, and then you might use your smartphone and download the app and even much better I have an Android head system I downloaded the app right to this and it’ll inform you the atmospheric pressure and tire temperature level for each tire and as you can see All 4 of my tires need air in them especially the front passenger side So I truly like how this looks as I Drive the vehicle gives me all the great info if you do not have an Android head System you could install it on your phone.