I do not believe I have actually spoken about this prior to, however my granny has dementia. Previously this year she was moved to a care home because she can no longer take care of herself. A pal told me that dementia clients respond well to photos. Luckily, my grandpa took nearly as numerous photos as me, so now whenever I see her I generate one of his old photo albums. Sometimes she’ll identify my grandfather, or herself. If I indicate my mum or my aunts then that may jog her memory, too. Sometimes I can inform that she cannot keep in mind anyone, however that she’s pretending that she can, to be courteous.

I utilized to love making image albums in my early late teenagers and early twenties. The entire factor I got into photography in the very first location was to record my life. I’ve had Anxiety for as long as I can keep in mind, so I wished to record the smiles, the moments with good friends, the good times, to prove to myself that they really took place. That method, when I hear the voice in my head that informs me that my life is unpleasant, I can prove it wrong with my photographic evidence. A few years earlier, I stopped documenting my life as much as I had actually done previously, and I stopped making photo albums completley. I take pictures of things that I think are beautiful, so when I stopped, I guess that says a lot about how I saw the world at the time. However I desire so badly to see that appeal once again now. Maybe that’s why I invested my weekend digging through all the pictures I’ve taken in my 25th year, printing out the very best ones and sticking them in a photo album.

Or perhaps it’s the fear that I too will wind up in a care home for the senior, and the only thing I will have to remember my life are images of smiling strangers. If I forgot my whole presence, would these photos truly assist? My archive of memories can be rather bittersweet, I can see the smiles from my 25th birthday in 2015 however I can likewise keep in mind how overloaded I felt at the time. Will I remember that next time I reflect on these images? Or will I just be able to see the happiness? I like to think that photo albums advise us that overall, there are more great times than bad. That you constantly have something to be happy for, even if you can’t see it at the time. I have numerous highlights for the past year. Visiting Bjork in Castlefield. My 25th birthday, and Grandma’s 84th birthday. Going to London with my mum for the weekend. Getting cups of tea in the area. The way the leaves altered in Fall.