Well, it’s officially summer and I’m super excited about this weekends race. I’ll be running in the summer night trail half marathon out at Eagle Creek here in Indy. This is my first summer night trail half marathon, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to make another gear list post. So these are the things that I’ll be taking to the start line tomorrow evening at 9:30PM. Check it out. We’ll start out with shoes and socks, shorts, and a short sleeve shirt . . . a hydration vest for extra water on course . . . Headlamp for my head, another headlamp for my waist . . . my GPS watch, Road ID, and a little nutrition.

Ok, just one more thing. If you happen to be running a muddy trail race there’s some extra stuff I recommend keeping in your car. A towel, change of clothes, a trash bag to throw your dirty clothes in, a change of shoes, that sort of stuff. Well thanks for watching the video, good luck on your race, and I’ll see you next time..

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