Use all those jeans with the frayed hems and torn knees to make a custom-made flooring mat. You will require Waistbands, inseams, and cuffs from old jeans Scissors Measuring tape A yard of non-slip backing fabric Straight pins A sewing maker Sturdy double-fold bias tape A jeans needle (optional) and a no. 16 needle (optional).

Action 1. Cut all of the buttons and belt loops from the waistbands and open the cuffs to make strips.

Step 2. Measure and cut the non-slip support fabric to an 18-inch by 32-inch rectangle.

Step 3. Lay the non-slip product non-slip side down and organize the denim pieces on top of it, face up. The denim can overlap the non-slip base– just cut the pieces to line up with the edges after setting up.

Step 4. Pin the pieces into put on the non-slip fabric and stitch them with a zigzag sew on your sewing maker. Get rid of the pins as you stitch. Utilize a denim needle or a no. 16 needle and sew gradually to avoid jamming or breaking the needle.

Step 5. Open the predisposition tape to the center fold. Place the center fold on the edge of the mat with one side of the tape on the leading and the other side on the bottom of the mat and pin it in place.

To develop mitered corners, fold the bias tape to create a triangle flap and pin it down. Step 6. Stitch the predisposition tape into place using a stitch on top edge of the tape, removing pins as you stitch. Action 7. Trim any loose threads and discover a location for your new mat. Did you understand Lots of companies recycle jeans from clothes and fabric companies into insulation.

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