I’m going to show you the best ways to install a door stop. The tools I’ll require are a drill, a screwdriver, and, obviously, the door stop. You would set up a door stop, to stop the door deal with from going into the plaster and causing damage. They also assist to stop scuff marks. In this case, we have actually got a wood skirt but if you have a tall skirt, you’ll have to utilize this plug.

You can get any sort of door stop that can go on the flooring, wall, or door. The very first thing we need to do, is simply pick a point where you want to put your door stop. When I have actually discovered my area, I’m going to put a pilot hole into it. I’ll put the screw in and I’ve put the base plate on, and now I will screw it to the wall. Last thing to do is to put the rubber stop on.

That’s how you set up a door stop. Easy as that.