Portable, vibrant and economical, table lamps are a fantastic method to brighten a space. But prior to you browse the aisles, ask yourself a couple questions: Exactly what type of lighting do I need? To supply general lighting, pair table lamps on a console table here or on a corridor table here. For concentrated activities like reading or browsing a tablet make certain the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you’re seated. You likewise want the shade to be onehalf to threequarters the height of the base. And, the bulb and socket should not be visible.

Lights with a downward shade or an adjustable arm let you focus light where it’s required. Depending on the size and variety of surfaces in a room, two to three table lights is a good guideline. What about design? You desire your light’s size, shape and style to stabilize with the rest of the room. For example, match modern-day shapes to contemporary rooms, standard to traditional. And don’t forget surfaces. If your room has other fixtures in antique bronze, look for that finish in lamp bases. Shades can also have a big design impact. Think about drum, cone, pagoda, cylinder and other shapes. Select a shade that’s light in color or has a lightweight material for more light output.

In some cases just altering the shade can be fun– try putting a vibrant new shade on a thriftstore light base. From general lighting to task lighting, there’s a table lamp for the task.