The meal that we’re going to do currently is a full meal, that’s going to be prepared in the Thermomix. And we’re mosting likely to make use of the Varoma. And also I think the Varoma is something that is probably under-utilised by individuals since they simply do not become aware just how functional it is, exactly how great it is from a nutritional perspective since when we vapor the food we lock in all those great nutrients. And also among the really good things with it is, there’s just so little depleting when we’re using this. Exactly what we have actually got right here is truly a meal for 2. And also we have actually got some veggies in below which I’ve sliced up. So we’ve obtained some beetroot, we have actually obtained some broccoli, some carrot as well as some leek. So they’re a few of my much-loved veggies. Wonderful colours, we’re getting great deals of great nutrients therein. And actually excellent flavours also. On top of that we put on the top rack of the Varoma.

So this means we can divide the foods and also we can get more foods in. And I’ve obtained 2 beautiful items of salmon. So we’re using salmon as the healthy protein food here, and also both of these are about a 200g salmon steak, so they’re a nice big salmon steak. So salmon is a fantastic fish since it’s full of these Omega 3 fats, as well as it’s a lean protein so it’s a great nutritious food as well as it steams really well. So I’m just going to layer those on top. One of things that I’ll do is just place a little bit of olive oil on and also simply run that olive oil underneath also since this assists to stop it sticking. Simply offer it a little massage, top as well as bottom. Laundry my hands, promptly. I’m going to put a little of paprika in addition to the salmon steaks. That just chefs in a lovely flavour and also it’s a wonderful colour.

Little pinch of salt. And the salt will cook via onto the vegetables. And after that I’m putting some asparagus on top. So the way to prepare using the Varoma is that the veggies or things that you’re steaming, that chef, that take the longest to prepare, you put them at the bottom, and also the food that’s a little more delicate like the salmon and also the asparagus, or if we were placing mangetout or beans on top, then they take place top there. Then we put the cover on. So that readies to go. That’s as easy as that. We’re likewise mosting likely to capitalize while we have actually obtained the Varoma going, and also we’re mosting likely to utilize a blend of quinoa and also rice as the carbohydrate source for this meal. So I have actually already weighed out 150 grams of basmati rice. I’m making use of basmati rice because it’s obtained a reduced glycemic index than normal rice so it’s more gradually taken in. And the flavour you get from basmati rice, I actually like. So I’m simply going to consider the quinoa. Simply absolutely no the scales. I’m simply mosting likely to put in 150 grams. And one of the reasons that I blend the quinoa as well as rice together is since you obtain great texture, great flavours.

And again, we’re obtaining a range within the nutrition. Currently, this will just take about 15 mins to prepare. As well as the entire steaming takes around 25 minutes. So what I’ll be doing wases initially of good to go it for 10 minutes then as soon as, once it’s prepared for 10 minutes on the Varoma, I’m going to place in the steaming basket. For the Varoma to function, I should put water in below so I have actually disobliged litres. So you could see on the college graduations within the bowl, the one litre mark and also the two litre mark so I have actually just gone over that a person litre mark. And also this is simply cold water that I have actually placed in below, it will rapidly, rapidly boil. So I’ll add the Varoma to that. Temperature-wise we take it right to the leading and also we could see it says the Varoma. And then speed, we simply put it into mix.

And also off it goes. So the Varoma’s been food preparation for 10 minutes, so currently it’s time for me to include the rice as well as quinoa. Remove the Varoma. Remove the cover. I’m going to utilize the special attachment on the spatula. On the steaming basket. Just stand out that in there, wonderful and easy. Then put on my lid. Re-put the Varoma. I’m simply going to add a couple of pieces of lime in with this, just to give it a wonderful zesty flavour. And also off we go. So the Varoma’s simply completed so whatever, if we’ve timed it right, will be cooked to excellence.

And also you have to be rather fast once it’s completed food preparation due to the fact that it’s still steaming, it’s still mosting likely to be preparing the veggies. So if we simply leave it to stand, points will certainly come to be overcooked. So I’ll just take this off. And be extremely cautious when you increase the cover due to the fact that there’s heavy steam coming through there. So you need to be actually rather careful with that. I could see that the rice as well as quinoa is prepared to excellence. Utilize this to bring it out. Take a look at that, that’s absolutely wonderful. Just put this in there. And also some of the colouring from the beetroot has actually come with, and also we’ll simply mix all of this in good as well as carefully. So we can see all the rice and quinoa together. Just take the cover off. The salmon looks superb. The scents that are coming through are wonderful, really spicy, with the lime. Just remove my asparagus. The smells are fantastic and this is simply prepared to perfection it’s not overcooked in all. We could see that the salmon’s cooked perfectly, absolutely nothing has actually stuck. Simply place them throughout there. Take off the tray. And again, we have actually got some absolutely exceptionally cooked beets, broccoli carrots as well as leeks.

So not only is that a beautiful dish, it’s an actually healthy dish. Not just is it suitable for a king, it would certainly be fit for a champ. And then to go with this we have actually got the tomato sauce that we made earlier. I’ll simply in fact simply pour a bit along all-time low. Then that’s ready to go. So speak to me concerning steaming your veggies or steaming your food, why does it really make a difference? So, steaming, a number of points with it. To start with, when you boil vegetables then it remains in a huge quantity of water, as well as a great deal of the nutrients, a lot of the vitamins, leach out.

So you’re shedding a great deal of them due to the fact that they’re water soluble, so if it’s in that bathroom, after that it draws out a great deal of vitamins. So just what you ought to truly do, if you steam veggies, you need to consume the water from it, you must use that. Which a great deal of us do not do. So, you’re actually losing it. As well as with steaming, the heavy steam truly helps to secure those nutrients. So you lose a lot less, you know, so it’s actually preserving. And from a food preparation perspective, the way that it cooks the vegetables is a little bit various, the steaming is not quite as aggressive as boiling. So what you find is that the vegetables maintain a far better framework than if you boil them. We’ll all keep in mind when we were youngsters and also we go to our granny’s for Sunday supper, as well as she would certainly been, you understand, preparing the cauliflower for a week in the pan, as well as it was just mush. So we do not get that when we’re steaming. We, you know, we really maintain that structure and we keep the nutrients. So from a fish viewpoint, or a chicken or a meat perspective, after that, if we, if we heavy steam it, it aids to maintain some of the nutrients, but we do not shed fairly as much from the meat, due to the fact that the nutrients have the tendency to be secured within the cells of the meat.

Yet from a cooking viewpoint it’s a good gentle food preparation. So if we overcook, so allow’s state we fry hen or we fry meat or we fry fish, then if we overcook it, then that denatures the healthy proteins so we can not digest it fairly as conveniently. So truly from a steaming viewpoint, it helps to preserve the integrity and also framework of the food. And also the benefit clearly right here with the Thermomix is that it’s food preparation, you have actually got your meal, your total dish, done in one.

That’s definitely appropriate, so the Thermomix is steaming the salmon, steaming the vegetables, and also at the same time, cooking the rice as well as the quinoa. So we obtain it all done together. Saving money on electrical, reducing time, saving money on depleting.