Here we go, we’re putting our basket together. This is our chocolate them and we’ve got whatever all lined up and prepared to go. Most importantly, let’s get our stuffing in. I constantly tend to put something plastic on the bottom, not that I have actually got anything that’s actually going to leak however just in case any powder or something would spill from anything. Plastic bags will do just great. Next, rumpled up, crumpled up paper. You need that truly to offer it height so that whatever will stand and be seen and it simply makes it more enticing. Then I want to put the things that are the highest in the back, in the middle, and on the sides you put your next greatest products in here.

And you can set up things the method you think they look pretty. And there are our little chocolate people in there. And once again, if it’s for a kid you can stick this little girl in, if not, you don’t need to actually, its personal option. We’ll simply sit her therein. Here’s our chocolate bars, let’s put our chocolate truffles in here, and once again, if it does not go good the first time you can constantly reorganize things around if it’s not going the way you ‘d like it to, you can have fun with it a bit.

Possibly stick this down in here, see how it goes. There’s some cookies, possibly sit her in the front, there’s your maple syrup, and just to dot these around as I stated, it looks type of neat just having them. And there you go, she’s all put together and we’ll view at the end, ways to put our cling wrap on it and truly make it look professional however there you go, chocolate style.