We’re going to be discussing just how I conserved $5,000 on cam gear in 2014, and the actions that you men could begin taking to develop connections with different cam companies, which will certainly lead to you obtaining substantial price cuts on gear. Currently before we get involved in this, I seem like we ought to obtain a bit extra comfy.

Let’s release the hair. (makes whooshing noise) It’s like a Pantene commercial up in right here currently. Alright, sufficient about hair. Let’s speak about ways to conserve money on cam gear. Whooo! (techno songs) Now before we enter into this, full transparency, this is not a funded video. I just wished to display with you exactly how I constructed a relationship with GoPro cams and also exactly how you men can make use of the very same techniques, and also methods as well as hacks to begin building relationships with the camera firms that you wish to straighten with.

Now a few years back when I graduated from University, I mosted likely to this event called NAB, as well as NAB is essentially the National Association of Broadcasters events. It’s usually held in Las vega, yet this is where all the leading tech companies from all over the world come to unveil the most up to date products, and also gadgets, and all type of other things that they have, as well as four k’s, as well as 5 k’s, and 56 k’s and also actually, all the k’s that you can picture.

I believed this would be a terrific chance to showcase with them this viral video clip idea that I had where I was mosting likely to browse and also play guitar at the exact very same time. I assumed for GoPro it’s got activity sporting activities, it’s got songs, it’s got electronic cameras, it’s got all the important things that they would have an interest in funding. So, allow’s go locate someone from the advertising division at this occasion.

So I went up to the cubicle, I said, “Hi, is anyone below from the marketing department? “I simply wanted to promptly say hello “and also recommend this concept that I have “that I believe GoPro would definitely like.” So they stated, “Yeah, Dave there, “he’s about to march to lunch, he’s from marketing, “why do not you swiftly go and also state hi.” So, I ran up to Dave as well as said, “Hey Dave, my name’s Chris. “I’m a young, eager filmmaker from Canada. “I have this idea where I’m gon na surf as well as play “electrical guitar at the specific very same time.” Dave said to me, “Male, that sounds impressive! “That’s right up GoPro’s street.

“Why don’t you send me a proposition, here’s my card.” I obtained my first factor of contact with someone at GoPro. So, I sent him a proposition, I said below’s precisely just how we’re mosting likely to do this surfing and playing electric guitar video. In exchange for this video clip, would certainly you be interested in sending us a free video camera and sharing it on your page. He stated, “Chris, I love your concept, “however we can not give you a free camera, “yet exactly what we could offer you is 30% off “anything you want from GoPro.” So I believed 30% off, still my foot in the door with this business.

I’m gon na spend a little bit further. So, I got two cams to fire this video clip with. Later that year we shot the video clip. We launched it online, it started to go viral, and also I send Dave a quick update e-mail, I said, “Hey Dave, look it’s gotten showcased on “Huffington Message and has 50,000 views. “Thanks again for the 30% off.” He claimed, “Chris, this is remarkable. “Thank you again for your assistance. “You recognize what, I assume somebody from the material department would be very thinking about this.” So, he sent it off to somebody in the content department, as well as later that week I obtained an email from someone at that division claiming, “Hey Chris, we actually loved your concept.

“Would you be interested in shooting a video clip “particularly for GoPro’s YouTube page “and in exchange we’ll give you a free video camera “and also direct exposure on that particular page.” And also I believed, you recognize just what, remarkable! Allow’s do this. I’m going to get my initial totally free cam and also exposure to a huge target market, as well as truly, I simply reach do the important things I like anyways. So, we shot a video clip with them, and also they wound up sending me my initial free video camera.

So not only did I get a price cut, however I secured free video camera and I have solidified the partnership with GoPro that encompasses this day where I can still get price cuts on equipment. Currently I utilize the same principals as I did in that story to begin constructing partnerships with various cam business as well as tech firms from all over the world, which has actually inevitably conserved me around $5,000 on camera gear over the last year. Now I urge you to go out there and try this yourself. You men can easily begin constructing partnerships with various firms.

Currently, in my situation I had a worth include for GoPro, which value add was a viral video. However, for you it could be an Instagram page. Or perhaps you host occasions in your area for various digital photographers. Or something that an electronic camera company would certainly be interested in sponsoring. Yet whatever your worth include is, make sure it offers the utmost goal of offering cams for that firm. Cuz that’s exactly what’s ultimately going to offer you a far better opportunity of aligning with those firms as well as developing a joint setting or some kind of collaboration where you’re going to start getting discount rates on cameras or maybe even a cost-free electronic camera.

Do your research, discover the different occasions that these marketing people are going to go to and present on your own face to face. If you can not present yourself face to face cuz you don’t live near a city or where these occasions are going to be held, after that at least create an extremely engaging email. Just what I suggest is that you take it also an action additionally as well as film on your own on cam explaining just what your value include is to this company so they have far better understanding on your individuality, and also extra information on whatever this idea may be or alignment that you wish to recommend to them.

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