I constantly use this large table saw sled for evaluating lumber or making cross-cuts. And also with a lengthy steel guide bar its really durable so I can conveniently reduce completion off of a huge 8 foot piece of lumber. But also for little supply it’s not suitable. So, I constructed myself a small table saw sled. And also, this one doesn’t have to be very large because I currently have the other slide. And also this sled has actually become actually, actually helpful and also I’ve utilized this a horrible whole lot. And often individuals ask me about the best ways to build among these. So, I’ve obtained some suggestions on how you can improve on this. So, I’ll build another one as well as make a video to show you how. With a runner that’s gon na run in a T-slot. I’m going to make use of some exotic hardwood. This, I believe, is Cocobolo. I selected that from a dumpster from some hardwood floor covering shop. So, I’m going to rip that to just a little bit wider than I require it to be.

So, the T-slot in my saw measures 756 thou Right here’s 805. My piece is about 50 thou broader compared to the slot. So, I’m going to take the fence and move that by precisely 50 thou. So, using a dial indicator actually not that hard to get among these points on the thou. Just by bolting it. So, thus far this does not suit. Not unless I drove it in with a hammer. As well as determining this I get 760 thou. We’re striving about 755. But what took place is as I was only grazing the side of the saw blade the blade obtained deflected by doing this a bit. But, currently if I make another cut and also relocate the fence by about 6 thou.

I need to have the ability to get it bang on. Allow’s examine that fit. Which appears to be a really precise fit. So, on my previous table saw sled I just screwed the overview rail to the base. However on this set, I made it a bit thicker so it protrudes above the table. And also I placed a dado this is simply an examination piece into the plywood. So, that’s gon na catch on right here.

Make the rail a bit thicker and also give it much better attachment. And also I cut that dado just with a collection of table saw cuts making use of a saw blade that has got level teeth. This is a 9 inch Freud saw blade. With flat-top teeth. I intend to start that dado at about the exact same range that I’ve got from the side of the blade to here. So that’s 11 centimeters. However I should relocate my fence to be 11 centimeters from the blade and also this is simply a couple of millimeters much more. That’s good. That provides me a bit of security margin. I should broaden that port by just a smidgen. So, here’s my dado. It looks extremely good. And this fits in. I’ve obtained, regrettably a couple of thou of play. So, I’m going to attempt some warm glue to obtain that play. I don’t truly wish to adhesive this in completely however I simply wish to do away with the play. So, I’m pre-heating the timber and the rail here. And when I placed the hot glue on there, it will stream perfectly so I don’t obtain this thick bead therein.

I’m simply placing a tiny bit of glue in there. Just enough to fill a few thou of the void. Got ta job promptly. Ok, that’s stuck in there excellent. I’m making use of some 1/2 inch number 4 screws, to currently secure this bar in position. As well as I have actually pre-drilled them to be simply a little bit smaller sized than the various other size of this screw due to the fact that in this unique hardwood these screws actually hold. Following I should make the front and back rails. As well as I’m starting with a big item of 2 by 10. As well as I’m reducing completion off of that utilizing my various other table saw sled. And again over the jointer to eliminate and snipe from the thickness planer. Now, I’m much from finished with making this sled but the following step below is to reduce the slot in it. Next off, I have to mount the fence part on below. And that has to be exactly perpendicular to the line of cut. Currently, having actually reduced my port already I can just utilize the square.

Place that flush with this below. Just making use of another piece of wood. And that align for where to place this here. Currently the square I’m making use of is just a framing square. In my experience these are really reputable squares. I have actually never ever had a mounting square that was out of square. So, I constantly trust these for my reference. Exactly what I disregarded to do prior to I screwed this with each other is to put a chip for on the inside edge here. That way, there’s a location for some of the sawdust to get captured. As well as, I’m simply going to screw this back together. And also the place of my screw holes are all very limited. It’s gon na assist things line up again. So, with any luck I’ll have all of it accurate. Yet I’ll provide it a check. Now I prepare to install the remainder of the flooring of this jig. As well as just how I mount that is actually not that important.

Now to maintain my hands from potentially touching the blade when it comes out of the sled manufacturer. I’m simply gon na glue a little block of wood on here. Currently, here’s a brand-new safety function which I’m not entirely certain if it’s a smart idea. We’ll see exactly how it exercises. This little block is going to fit on below as well as it avoids the sled from moving as well much back. So, exactly what I’m doing is this block is usually up yet when I push the slide back it’ll capture on my outfeed expansion and so I cannot press it far sufficient that the blade comes actually way out. So, unless I’m making a truly deep cut when I push this as for it will certainly go the blade does not truly come out below. It’s coming out here simply in the edge right here. But I ‘d really have to get to hard down right here to also capture that with my fingers. So, it needs to be an appropriate safety and security point.

I really did not wish to make the sled as well large on here. I put 3 coats of varnish on the sled. However just 1 layer on the in so it doesn’t get too slippery there.