DIY Memo board.

Hi all! Now I stand here with a small wood board Extremely basic actually and what I mean to do … I have actually done a little memo clip board recently like, well … I was extremely happy with that and it was a very basic technique.

I was going to do a different type of memo board today Oh. It may feel a little boring, But exactly what the hell, it’s so simple and extremely wise.

I have these old clothespins wood I believe that tI will utilize them on here later plus I think I’ll put some hooks at the bottom however, for the enjoyable of everything I will, naturally, paint it first and after that I think merely that I ought to paint it, color Graphite.

So the first thing I’m doing now, I just paint it merely Here, now, I have taken a regular small frame and I have selected the glass and the back of it so now I’m just poking out these as you flex to hold the glass on the back and now I’m doing this prior to I seal the paint, for now this paint has dried. So I think namely glue this frame on the edge here Well, where I think it fits well Something like that perhaps …

My cherished glue gun And then I just … Simply, put a little glue here … Then, simply varnish throughout this piece now I choose to lacquer whatever other than in the middle of this frame.