I’m going to explain you how you can properly hang a bicycle for storage. Most typical way to hang a bike is simply with these hooks that you will screw right into the wall or the ceiling. As well as you want to make certain that you get them into a stud and also they’re firmly installed. And also you’ll just hook it through the wheel. Normally it’ll go into the wall surface as such. You lift the bike up, hook it down, and then it’ll hang up and down from the wall, or you could additionally hang it from the ceiling. You do not run any kind of danger of damaging the wheels or anything by hanging it this way.

It’s most likely the most common and simple approach. Another manner in which you could use to save your bike would certainly be with a pulley system that you could connect to the ceiling, and it’ll raise from the handlebars and the seat straight up to the ceiling just by pulling a rope. Then you connect the rope off, and also it’s firmly hung up in the rafters of your garage or wherever it be. These are a couple of alternatives of how you can correctly hang a bike for storage space.