I am really keen on magnetic toys and I have a lot in my collection. Just extremely sometimes, in reality, just twice I believe, I have actually come across a magnetic toy revealing a completely new principle, and this is the second that I have actually experienced. Uncommon. And it includes only four neodymium disc which are very strong magnets, and after that we have a ring with six very little here neodymium magnets. In order to show the impact we have simply these pieces close together, so.

This is now really strong. And this here it is strong. To demonstrate how strong they are, we’ll they simply bring together and see what happens. He will push the other from rather a distance. Anyhow we want them to attract each other, so I’m going to put him in this mode, so the other gets better. I will keep him. Now the ring here, we’ll get this into repulsive mode, aiming to push him. Oh, he brings in. So I’ll turn it, and now he would need to divest.

Yes, he pushes back. Now the clever part is when we combine these two pieces as a whole we now have a single system of magnets we have one that will be drawn in and the little set of six that are driven away by the outer magnet. Exactly what will take place? When I bring this up to it, he is brought in through the middle, but he is driven away by the little satellite-magnet on the exterior. What can take place? Oh. He was brought in and stopped he is repelled.

There has to do with a 3 or 5 mm air gap there now, he can not come closer nor more away. That is absolutely incredible. If I turn it, but it does not happen much. However when I turn the big, ring, let’s see exactly what happens. He turns them around together. He still keeps the air space of about 3 to 5 millimeters. All the method around. He refuses to come more detailed, yet he does not disappear. It’s a kind balance – he’s stuck there, like an undetectable arm that holds the 2. It is an “Inverter” by the innovator, and I expect it advises him of the tractor beam in Star Trek. Invisible. Anyhow, it’s magic for me. It is a type of physics I do not comprehend, however it’s gorgeous.