Minimalism Lighting: a revolutionary trend in interior design. For several years, artists and interior designers have accepted the power of the singular kind. Simplicity is key. Light: the transformative design component. Light accentuates art. Light ends up being art. Pure Lighting uses sophisticated plaster-in style tools that recess quickly into 5/8 inch drywall for minimal, trendy spaces. Energy-efficient, LED TruLine systems enable designers to produce spectacular geometry with acclaimed illumination that mixes effortlessly into the drywall. Genuinely Trimless Auroras provide concentrated accents without distraction. Reveal systems develop wonderfully discrete pathway lighting or a soft ambient glow on your ceiling. Expose Wall Wash and Genna Wall Wash inform walls and give strong, even illumination, while the Stratus Wall Grazer highlights special textures for an unique appearance.

Location architectural illumination around door frames and corners with Brink systems, and transform these unnoticed areas into exciting, ultra-modern borders. Pure Lighting puts you in total control of lighting and environment. Our minimalist style tools provide your space intelligence, strength, and elegance. Step into a world of creative minimalism with Pure Lighting. Let the drywall be your canvas.

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