I seem like leggings perhaps ought to seem like you’re naked but still keep your butt up there.Think it’s supposed to be leisure athletic wear but I do not know how to rock it.

When I buy leggings, I attempt to look for bottoms that aren’t see-through. I’m excited to get from my $10 legging zone and see how the other half copes with their fancy leggings. There’s a pocket. I don’t know exactly what you would keep in there.

I think my butt looks great in this. That’s always an aspect. If you do not mind people seeing your underclothing, they’re your pair. For style, I would say these resemble a 4, they’re quite cool. I would give them a or a 4. I would enhance someone using these leggings so I feel like that deserves a 4.

So not into these leggings. – But I’m certainly mindful of the leggings on my body ’cause I can feel those seams. – I would rate working out in these leggings as a one, regretfully. – I would provide a two even if I understand if I was sweating more, I would have the ability to begin seeing my sweat leaking through. (rock music) – This resembles night and day.

It’s quite long, I feel like a great deal of leggings do not cater to short individuals as evidenced by my sock legging situation. – So I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing when I have these on and I think that does make me feel like Beyonce ’cause that lady has her shit together. – They’re respectable today, thick fabric, I like that, stretchy, comfortable. – Style-Wise, I believe I would rate this a 3 just because it’s strong black, yes there is some design however I do not seem like I get that butt lift that I’m trying to find. – I’ll rate it at like a three for style.

I would provide a 4.5. – I feel like all these leggings are like, ahh. Get me from them. – I have no idea if there’s going to be anything better than this, I’m perhaps gon na offer it a five. – I would rank the Ivy Park leggings as a one for exercise ability. – They ride excessive, I dislike having to raise my leggings all the time, if you’re going to pay $65, they better not be doing that at all. – Yeah I’m not a fan of these leggings ’cause they’re a synthetic mix so I think that might be more of my issue than Beyonce’s. – $200 for these leggings? – I feel the most comfortable in these Michi leggings, really, and possibly I ought to ’cause they’re $200.

These resemble the very first 2 combined and had a magical child that’s thinner and trendier than both of them. – I would compare these leggings to a second layer of skin. – So I have actually decided that I dislike pricey leggings which they’re for high individuals who do not like their crotches to breathe. – They resemble sexy, they’re very hot, I believe. It’s got this large stuff going on here and this fishnet stuff here. – They’re pretty stretchy and they leave room for the additional booty, it’s absolutely comfy in the derriere.

You understand, they can’t win me over with their expensive little lines and their netting, no thank you. – Yeah, I would rate them really high, live a 5 or a 6 if I can go that high. – The Michi leggings I like the most for design and rate them as a three, but they’re still not a five. I would give them a 4, they’re pretty cute. – I simply don’t comprehend how anybody could work out in any of these leggings since they’re just so unbreathable. – I would give them a 5. – I’ll say a five for exercising too. – I would state they’re like a 3, once again, too sweaty. – I never ever thought leggings would be a product to spend lavishly on however they are, and now I get it. – I seem like my search for the ideal legging is going to be a long journey ahead of me. It’s not over yet, possibly one day. – I will absolutely buy high-end leggings from now on. – I seem like we should simply eliminate leggings altogether and simply start being naked when we work out.