The brand new Madone is a marvel in roadway biking design, With unequaled aerodynamics, extraordinary combination, and also unmatched flight high quality, Madone is greater than a game-changer: It’s the utmost race bike. Madone sets a new criteria for wind resistant performance, going beyond every other roadway bike both on the sidewalk as well as in the wind tunnel. It starts and also finishes with our proprietary OCLV Carbon, which is manipulated right into the ideal KVF aero forms to cheat the wind. The Kammtail Virtual Aluminum foil is verified to be much more wind resistant, specifically in real world situations where the wind isn’t really coming right on. KVF on Madone has actually been even more optimized to incorporate with parts, creating a lightweight and also exceptionally wind resistant total bike. Madone’s KVF fork is 100% carbon fiber with an asymmetric as well as tapered steerer tube, designed to increase both vertical compliance and also side stiffness. It integrates to Madone’s bar/stem combination, which likewise includes a KVF shape to take full advantage of the rules of aerodynamics, while preserving a wide account for unbelievable tightness. Not just inner, however truly unseen cable television directing develops never-before-seen wind resistant benefits by integrating the brake and shift cable televisions entirely with the framework and also cabin.

Cords or an electric drivetrain junction box are now easily accessible via the Control Center, tucked right into Madone’s downtube. Madone’s water bottle placement is created specifically so the leading container offsets the drag for the trailing one. Even the FIVE chain keeper was upgraded specifically to be more wind resistant. Madone’s brakes are effortlessly integrated right into the frame to cut drag and boost speed.

Making use of the direct-mount standard makes these systems ultra-stiff and also light, while the facility pull style permits the cables to be completely concealed from the wind. The front brake also makes use of vector wings on the headtube. This permits the brake to totally tuck into the framework as well as fork throughout normal rates, yet enables the complete series of movement needed during slower rates. Madone went through 2 years of ride screening with Expedition Factory Racing and our panel of professional in-house riders to adjust its ride. The secret to Madone’s amazing ride comes from its IsoSpeed decoupler. This exclusive technology is a tube-in-tube design.

It revolves around a smaller round tube located within the KVF designed external tube. This allows the external tube to offer aerodynamics while the inner round tube gives fantastic conformity. Matched to Madone’s IsoSpeed is the new micro-adjust seatpost– which is lightweight, solid, easy to make use of, and also enhances aerodynamics. And much like the rest of Trip’s roadway bikes, each Madone provides size-specific, ride-tuned tube forms– providing the utmost equilibrium of rate, power, and also handling.

The brand-new Madone beats every little thing in its group in the rules of aerodynamics and conformity, making it the initial true aero roadway bike The evidence lies in the performance. No other road bike amounts to the technology and also capacity of the new Madone, since no other road bike has actually ever before been so carefully crafted for futuristic performance. The game has changed. And also racing will never ever be the same.